Creating function libraries


I have some program with identical functions. I want to do one file with general functions and some programs using general functions. How to do it? I tried make general file as .C and run “root general.C program.C” and make general file as .h and include it in program “#include general.h”, but it doesn’t work. I attach a header file and one of the programs.

Pi0 (1).C (5.3 KB) fun (1).h (1.4 KB)

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ROOT Version: 6.22
Platform: Ubuntu
Compiler: Not Provided


void a() {
   cout << "Hello fom a()" << endl;


#include "general.h"
void b()
   cout << "Hello from b\n" << endl;


root [0] .x b.C
Hello from b

Hello fom a()
root [1] 

What’s the difference? general.h and b.C are the same thing.

Sorry, wrong copy/paste. I fixed the previous post.

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