Creating a histogram of particle final energies using their pdg codes

I’m still new to this and am trying to create two histograms for daughter particle final energies - protons and/or neutrons- using their pdg codes but I’m not sure how to call them in my code. I sure need some help. Thank you.

InteractionsII.root (25.8 KB)
Histogram.C (203 Bytes)

_ROOT Version:6.22

You have a “GENIE Summary Event Tree” (named “gst”):

TTree *t; fFileA->GetObject("gst", t); t->Print();

You need to talk to your colleagues and / or your supervisor (and / or the one who created your ROOT file) about how to deal with your data.

Thanks Wile, I can see the The GENIE Event Tree. How can I call any of the tree branches into a histogram ?

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