Create TH2 with not equal sized bins


I am trying to build a TH2 like

int nPtBins = 5;
float ptBins[6] = {20,25,30,40,60,1000};

int nEtaBins = 3;
float etaBins[4] = {0,0.9,1.2,2.4};

TH2D * tfr = new TH2D(“tfr”, “tfr”, nPtBins, ptBins, nEtaBins, etaBins);[/code]

but the GridX shows like it is equal sized histo - -

Can I make the Grid to be adapted according to my binning ?

Thanks in advance

No. The grid has no link with the binning. It is lines on the main tick marks.

when your histogram will be filled you will see the various bin sizes when plotting for instance with the option COL or BOX