Crash in TParallelcoord tutorial

just for fun, I tried
.x $ROOTSYS/tutorials/tree/parallelcoord.C (in 5.17.02)
(It’s very nice!) In the Canvas Editor, when I go to the “Variables” tab and then push “Delete”, I would expect the axis with “x” to go quietly away (since that’s the selected variable by default). What happens is very different: the x and y axes move together and distort the plot. When I then try to drag and move the x axis to a position right of the y axis, ROOT crashes like this:
root [0] .x $ROOTSYS/tutorials/tree/parallelcoord.C
root [1] *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0000000000fa2f70 ***

This is very reproducible, at least on my machine.
Is there something wrong with the tutorial, or am I using it in the wrong way?


Hi Thomas,

I can reproduce the crash. Thank you for reporting this case. We will keep you informed about the fix.

Cheers, Ilka

Hi Ilka

Very good, thanks for the effort. Finally, I understand what they mean by “crash tutorial” :laughing:


Hi Thomas,

The parallel coordinates interface was developed this summer and I have not had time to see/test the editor related code, but it is already included in the ToDo list.

Best regards, Ilka

This problem is now fixed in the svn trunk. Thanks to have reported it.