Covariance of two RooFormulaVar variables

Dear All:

I am trying to skip a MC study to look at the covariance or correlations of two RooFormulaVar variables. Let say I have the following variables:

RooFormulaVar N_1S_P ("N_1S_P", "N_1S*(1.0-f_NP_1S)", RooArgSet(N_1S,f_NP_1S));
RooFormulaVar N_1S_NP("N_1S_NP","N_1S*f_NP_1S", RooArgSet(N_1S,f_NP_1S));

Where N_1S and f_NP_1S are RooRealvar that are determined from the model fit to the data so I now the correlation between them provided by RooFit. I can also compute the correct errors on the new variables, but I haven’t been able to get their correlations.

Could you please give me a hint on this?. I think one possible path is to do a Toy MC and plot 2D histograms of this new variables, but I would like to skip this step.


  • Jorge.

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