Could use std::vector<double> to build a graphs

ROOT Version: 6.28
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: visual studio

Could use std::vector to build a graphs, and give me a example?

TGraph constructors are listed here.

Yes you can definitely do this!
A TGraph has constructors which take arrays as arguments.
For example:

TGraph::TGraph ( Int_t n,
const Double_t * x,
const Double_t * y

So if you had:
vector<double> v = {7,8,9};
Then you could use those points as y-values in a TGraph like this:
TGraph g(v.size(),; // create a TGraph with default x-values
which would make a TGraph with the points (0,7), (1,8), and (2,9).

If you want to specify the x and y values, you would need 2 vectors x and y
TGraph g(x.size(),,; //assuming x.size() == y.size()

Hope this helps!

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