Copy Canvas/Pad contents to clipboard


I am wondering if there is a way to copy canvas/pad contents to clipboard, as image. This would be useful in many cases, for example quick exchange of temporary results via emails/chats. Now I am always struggling with saving the canvas to a file (selecting function, typing the name, etc.) and than opening the file in, for example, email client (again, often involving several steps), which takes a significant amount of time if several plots need to be shared.

The following is not a solution, but a workaround

To quick and dirty share plots via mail/chat I usually take a screenshot of the canvas/pad. Depending on your operating system/programs this image can be drag&drop or copy&paste into the mail/chat application.

This workaround also works if one runs root on a remote machine and would otherwise have to copy files from one computer to another.

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Yes, this way also crossed my mind. However, it is a half measure, especially for some apps with menus, toolbars, statusbars, etc.

There is no such functionality

Would you be willing to add it?

Try with the canvas you get here: … I.e. yes, this is in the works!

Great to here that this is in works. I understnad that I would need to compile libROOTGpadv7 in some special way.

As a work around I thought that perhaps a saved image file can be copied easily to clipboard, but all the solutions that I find rely on external tools or libraries such as gtk or qt on linux.

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