Convolution of two variable bins Pdf Error

I want to convoluted two pdfs that have variable Bins ,(dont have equally space ),and the pdfs are producted by RooHistPdf.
but it have error: ERROR:Caching – The internal binning of variable phi is not uniform. The numerical FFT will likely yield wrong results.
so what can I do for this prpblem ;FFT cound not convoluted with variable bin?

 TFile * J =TFile::Open("deltaJ_new.root");
TFile * res =TFile::Open("Angres_newcut.root");
TH1F * hres =(TH1F*)res->Get("h1");
TH1F * Jd =(TH1F*)J->Get("Jd_2");

RooRealVar phi("phi","phi",0.01,2.60);

RooDataHist resDH("resDH","",phi,hres);
RooHistPdf  respdf("respdf","respdf",phi,resDH);

RooDataHist JdDH("JdDH","",phi,Jd);
RooHistPdf  Jdpdf("Jdpdf","Jdpdf",phi,JdDH);
RooFFTConvPdf conv_pdf("conv_pdf","",phi,Jdpdf,respdf);

Hi @Kane_Jay ,
is this a duplicate of Convolution of two pdf with variable bin ? If so, can we close it?


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