Converting pixels to mm in TH2F histogram


I would like to display an image (TH2F histogram) with axes in mm (or um) units instead of in pixels. I know the conversion rate etc. Is there a straightforward way of doing it?

Thanks for your help!

I think you can change the limits on each axis using TAxis::SetLimits

If you know the conversion rate isn’t it simple to just use pixels in your code? (sorry I don’t have a more constructive comment :sweat_smile:)

My guess is that this histogram has its scales in pixels and that the filling is done with (x,y) in pixels. Once the histogram is displayed, I think @iMi wants to have the axis in mm. As he knows the conversion it is easy to change the axis limits to have them in mm . The method I mentioned earlier does the job.

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The method did the job. I took the square root of the size of the image (which I know to be a square), substracted 2 pixels and then set the limits according to the product of the pixel number along one axis and the conversion rate. Didn’t take long. Thanks

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