Converting a time series TGraph plot into TH1F hist

I am trying to plot a time-series TGraph plot and both the file.txt (data file) and code (test.C) and output in .png attached. Is it possible to convert this TGraph plot into a TH1F hist plot which can be saved in “.root” format,
thanks in advance
test.C (1.5 KB)
file.txt (101.4 KB)

Did you try searching the forum?
You can find, for example:

Do you need a TH1F, or do you simply need to save your data in a root file? If your only requirement is to save your data in a root file, there’s no need to convert your TGraph into a TH1F. A TGraph can be saved directly in a root file.

No I need to convert to TH1F and the save the histogram as .root. I am facing a tricky situation as the TGraph is in time series as above. Any suggestions please.

No I need to convert to TH1F and the save the histogram as .root

Given your data style, it appears that a TGraph would be simpler and more suitable for your needs. Why do you require a TH1F?

I do agree. I want to use TH1F for TSpectrum Class functions!

Just create a TH1S from the very beginning.

h = new TH1I(…, points, 0, 15x60xpoints);
int i=1;
while(f >> … )
h->SetBinContent(i, z);

Thanks , it worked and I am able to make the histogram. But I also wanted the time series on X-axis of histogram, which I was not sure how to get. I fitted with “pol0”. Is there a way to plot the 1 and 2 sigma lines on 1D histogram?

You can add custom time labels using SetBinLabel, see ROOT: TH1 Class Reference

Something like if ix15x60%500 == 0 h->SetBinLabel(i, t.Convert());

Alternatively, maybe this is easier, you can activate the time format:
see Time axis for histograms - #5 by couet