Converting a root geometry into a 3D model, e.g. STEP FIle


I’m trying to figure out an easy way to create a 3D modell from data I have available in my root environment. I found this paper and it looked very promising to me.

Therefore I tried to rebuild root (I never did this on windows before) but cmake tells me, that “geocad is no longer supported in ROOT 6.32.00”.

Any proposals?

Actually it doesn’t need to be a step file. I’m only interested in converting surfaces. I could export a surface profile in a csv or whatever - but I need a method to create 3D Modell, like dwg, dxf, stp. stl, A standalone application would be appropriate, too

Thanks Georg

_ROOT Version:latest
Platform: windows 11
Compiler: Not Provided

I guess @agheata may help you.

Unfortunately we cannot export geometry models from root to anything else than GDML, so you need to find some external tool converting from GDML to something else.

This is very unlikely…

I’m able to import a cloud of points into my CAD, but no surfaces. @agheata Do you have any hints, or experience with cad libraries?


Hi, there are some efforts to convert root/GDML to CAD, such as GitHub - eic/root2cad: Convert CERN ROOT and GDML to CAD format (GLTF) but I am unaware of their quality/capabilities. There are even more tools on the CAD->GDML conversion. However, no standard/common tools are available for these purposes AFAIK, because the structures of the Geant geometry and CAD models are quite different, so it is impossible to have a one-to-one mapping in general. We have dropped the support for geocad because it required OpenCascade, which was too difficult to maintain.

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