Convert TGeometry to CAD

Dear All,
Recently I encountered one task that I need to convert TGeometry to step or any other CAD format.
I noticed that in geom/geocad, root do provide tools like TGeoCad , but has been deleted in recent released versions.
Is there any suggestions that I can get a compiled version of root contains TGeoToStep.h.
I tried to compile root-6.14.06 with geocad, it ends up endless of errors related with current installed opencascade in centos7.

ROOT Version: Not Provided
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

I think @agheata can help you.

The OpenCascade interface is not maintained any more, you need to downgrade the local OCC version to use 6.14.

Dear Mr.Gheata
Thank you for suggestion. This version you mentioned is really not easy to get.
I got the version from its website donot contains 6.14.
Do you have any suggestions of versions? Like 6.9.1 ?
Thank you

Open CASCADE Technology 7.4.0 - 01.10.2019

Open CASCADE Technology 7.3.0 - 29.05.2018

Open CASCADE Technology 7.2.0 - 31.08.2017

Open CASCADE Technology 7.1.0 - 25.11.2016

Open CASCADE Technology 7.0.0 - 05.04.2016

Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.1 - 28.09.2015

Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 - 12.05.2015

Open CASCADE Technology 6.8.0 - 10.11.2014

Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.1 - 30.04.2014

Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.0 - 18.12.2013

Open CASCADE Technology 6.6.0 - 22.04.2013

Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.5 - 29.03.2013

Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.4 - 13.11.2012

Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.3 - 24.04.2012

Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.2 - 12.12.2011

Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1 - 16.06.2011

Hi, I meant ROOT 6.14, I’m not sure which OCC version still works with that.

Hello, Thank you.
Now I confirmed that OCC version opencascade-6.9.1 can compile it.

Dear Mr.Gheata:
I have successfully installed the occt and compiled.
However, I am now trying to convert the TGeometry to step file. I can find the tutorial that convert TGeoManager to step files, not TGeometry.
Do you have any tutorial for this process ?
Like convert TGeometry to TGeoManager, then TGeoManager to step?
How can I get TGeoManager from TGeometry?
The TGeometry looks below.

Hi, there is no TGeometry to TGeo converter unfortunately, but you can try a manual conversion to create a flat TGeo hierarchy of volumes if there are not too many shape types involved. Otherwise you can try to modify the geometry creation code directly, which would be even better.

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