Conversion of 2D histogram into a 1D array

I have a 2D histogram with total bins on x = 40, on y = 72. As this histo is 2D, I want to make it 1D by sequencing all the bins 1-after-1. One row will be advanced by the second row (appending row after row), there will be no columns.

How can I do it?
Thankyou :slight_smile:
PS: These all are bin numbers.


for (int ix = 1; ix <= 40; ix++)
  for (int iy = 1; iy <= 72; iy++)
    std::cout << ((ix - 1) * 72 + iy - 1) << " : "
              << YourTH2->GetBinContent(ix, iy) << std::endl;

What will this give, numbers of entities stored in the bin or data stored at each specific point inside the bin?

It will return the content of the bin ix,iy . Which is the number of time this cell (bin) was hit by the Fill method (if the weight of each call to Fill was 1. (default)).

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