Controlling error messages in ROOT::Minuit2

I am using ROOT::Minuit2 in a stand-alone c++ code, with root version 5.34/24 and fedora 20. Everything is working fine, except I get the following message whenever MINOS errors are accessed:

The code looks like this:

ROOT::Minuit2::MnPrint::SetLevel(0); ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters upar; upar.Add("A",-0.01,0.01); upar.Add("eff",0.2,0.01); ROOT::Minuit2::MnMigrad minimize(fcn,upar,ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy(1)); ROOT::Minuit2::FunctionMinimum min=minimize(); ROOT::Minuit2::MnMinos minos(fcn,min,ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy(1)); std::cout << minos(0).first << std::endl;
The last line generates the message. I do not understand why MnPrint::SetLevel(0) is not surpressing it. Is this indicative of a problem that I should be worried about?


OK. Adding:

#include "TError.h" ... ... gErrorIgnoreLevel = kWarning;
cleaned up the messages. Thanks, Carl B.