Control exponent on xaxis

Yet another question about controlling exponents. My question, however, is about controlling the exponent on the x-axis; TGaxis::SetMaxDigits(N) won’t do (y-axis). I have plotted a few TF1’s on a split canvas. To detail what my situation is and what I would like to have fixed, look at the following axes below.

| | | --|-----|----|-----|----|-----|--------- 10^-6 -.1 -.05 0 .05 .1 .15

The above represents what I currently have. The x-axis represent time in seconds and it is frustrating to refer to the characteristics of the plot in hundredths of microseconds. The natural scale for this plot should be nano seconds (so an exponent of 10^-9), something like the following.

| | | --|-----|----|-----|----|-----|--------- 10^-9 -100 -50 0 50 100 150

How does one take control over this kind of setting?

I’ll check and write a macro example if I find a solution.

I checked. There is no way to to what you are asking for. You can set a maximal number of digits but not a minimum.