Contour TGraph

Hi there

I want to make a graph where I plot an x variable against a Y, but also have a z-axis or ideally
a contour plot, where this extra axis is number of entries.

Or to put it another way I have the Y axis vaiable as a histogram and want to plot this histogram
for different values of the x-axis to make a kind of a either 2d TGraph or 1D cotour TGraph (ideally).

Does anyone have any suggestions to the right way to do this, as my plots are not working.


I guess you need a TGraph2D

Yes I also think that a TGraph2D plot is what I want.

However it needs coords (x,y,z) and I want z to be number of entries for each y value. Like a histogram. I dont know how to do this.

Yes that’s it… May be a TH2 is also good for you.