Contour Map Label

Dear ROOT experts,
I built an Histogram with contour map.
I need to show a label for each line of the contour map to identify the level.
What can I do?
I tried to use the TEXT option when I Draw the histogram, but it show the text of all signle item loaded in the histogram.
I need to show only the level label.
May you kindly help me?
Kind regards,

Hi Daniele,
not quite sure what you want to achieve,
I guess something like this:

C_Fhp2_2p_1.pdf (23.7 KB)

The labels are add “by hand” using TLatex:

   TLatex *   tex = new TLatex(-1.078915,-0.9282132,"90");

I dont know of a builtin method to get this automatically.


Hi Otto,
many thanks.
You well understood my problem, but if possible I prefer an automatic way to show the label level.
I set the NumberOfContour to 30 and probably I can have about 20 different level.
If there is a way to show the label of the contour line, I’m sure of the correct value displayed, whereas if I have to put manually the label, I can do a mistake and set a wrong value.
I thank you o much for your answer,
Kind regards,

Hi Daniele,

as I said at least I dont know of a root builtin tool for this
and in general this is quite tedious as you can see from
the attached simple example:
gen_contours.C (2.1 KB)
If you run it as it is it looks quite nice.
But if you just make the simple 2d gaus a bit more complicated
(uncomment the alternative fills) it gets quite messy.
Anyway it may a start for something more sophisticated.


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