Continuous values, SetPoint n TGraph()

Hello experts,

I would like to plot using a TGraph using data taken from different lines of a file

TGraph *g = new TGraph();

for(int iline=8; iline<25; iline++) { 
   if (fgets(line1,256,fp1)!=NULL) {
     int someValue1;
      g-> SetPoint(someValue1-8, x, y);  // [1]

for(int iline= 33; iline<79; iline++) {
 if (fgets(line1,256,fp1)!=NULL) {
     int someValue2;
     g-> SetPoint(someValue2-33, x, y);  //[2]

how does one connect these 2 SetPoint() functions [1] and [2] in the assumption that they are continuous?

What do you mean by “connect” ? Draw ?

if it is that simple do: