Continuous Error bands for TGraphAsymmetricErrors


I would like to know if there is an option for TGraphAsymmetricErrors in order to plot continuous error bands (like a3 or a4 for TGraphErrors).

Thank you in advance



thanks for the replay but for TGraphAsymmetricErrors I cannot get a full band including lower and upper error. I used “a3”, or “a4” …but I don’t get the full band. While these options work well for TGraphError, they seem not to work for TGraphAsymmetricErrors.
Maybe I missed something, but can you please give me a suggestion?

Can you show the code you are using? and which ROOT version?
Copy-paste the code of the example in the TGraphAsymmErrors documentation (here), and draw with a3 or a4, it does show the bands.

Drawing option for TGraphAsymmetricErrors and TGraphErrors are in principle the same. Can you post an example ?


Indeed now it is ok, there was a problem in my previous part of the code,


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