Consistent issues with ROOT on macOS

Dear @Alex_Gavin ,

I wanted to chime in quickly, I noticed this

So many things have changed with Sonoma and it’s very probable that the fixes that needed to be implemented didn’t make it into the 6.28 release cycle. Can I ask you to download at least v6.30.02 (i.e. latest-stable) and try to rebuild and see if the issues persist?


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Ok, I’m a bit of a newbie so just ran the commands that from Building ROOT from source - ROOT. I had to stop my current build since it’s only at 70% and has been building for almost 3 hours now. I’ll update my system to Sonoma 14.3 and try the commands you ran. Also @vpadulan thank you for letting me know. Maybe the root source I was using was merely outdated. I will see how I get on and return here if I’m still experiencing issues.

Note the git clone command on my screen dump will get the master (latest) version of root. I did not try with 6.28 though. As @vpadulan you need at least 6.30.02. The git clone command I used gives 6.31/01.


I updated my macOS to Sonoma 14.3, installed the latest version of ROOT, and used the commands you used verbatim. The build broke at 81% with the error:

ld: Undefined symbols:

_SSL_get1_peer_certificate, referenced from:

_worker_thread in civetweb.c.o

clang: **error:** **linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)**

make[2]: *** [lib/] Error 1

make[1]: *** [net/http/CMakeFiles/RHTTP.dir/all] Error 2

make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

The output of the time command was:

make -j8  25890.99s user 2324.23s system 396% cpu 1:58:38.74 total (Almost 2 hours to 82% and then broke)

Also my internet speed is very fast so I don’t think it’s that

I’m starting to become concerned that there is something seriously wrong with my device/system :frowning:

After git clone or git pull to get the latest master, you cd to the build directory. Before ding the cmake command you need to completely clean this folder by removing all th file in it rm -rf * … then you do cmake, then make

That’s what I did. I made sure I removed all previous build and source directories, then did git pull and checked out to v6.31.02 and then created a new root-build directory, changed into that, ran cmake and then ran make. Cmake ran fine (it also took quite long) and then make broke as shown above

which clang version do you have ?

clang --version

Apple clang version 15.0.0 (clang-1500.

Ok … all looks fine … I do not see what could be wrong. I build fine for me on machines with a similar setup.

I see, it must just be some issue with my machine I guess. Thanks for all your help anyway!

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One more question: is there any way to install ROOT with C++ standard 17 with homebrew?

~ % source /Applications/root_v6.30.04/bin/
~ % root

gives me:

clang: error: argument to ‘-isysroot’ is missing (expected 1 value)
clang: error: no input files
ERROR in cling::CIFactory::createCI(): cannot extract standard library include paths!

This is v6.30.04 pre-compiled binary, my macOS is 14.4.1, according to the releases note this root version is only compatible with macOS 14.3.
xcode-select --install gives me xcode-select: note: Command line tools are already installed.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to keep pre-compiled binaries automatically working with new MacOS update, or if it possible to solve this with the macos sdk softlinking

I am not sure what the problem could be. May be @vvassilev will know.

No more issues with root 6.30.06 pre-compiled binary, it runs ok to me