Confusion over how many data points and the value of the data points

I plot a variable changing the value of one constant, and then show the cumulative effect and it looks a little counter intuitive, because there are plots with very high values but the cumulative plot has very low values.

I know this happens because there are A LOT more events with low values in other plots, thus bringing down the overall effect, but the plots don’t show how many data points went into each one, and I want to show that, and here is where I got confused.

I don’t know the difference between “Bin content” “Bin entries” and “Integral” anymore, I don’t know what are each giving me. Of course I read the documentation but it says “returns the number of bin content” which isn’t helpful.



The worst part is that I know I knew this because I used it in my code, but maybe I’m too tired and stressed, but it doesn’t make sense to me anymore, not even with my habit of commenting every step I do

Can you provide a small macro showing the problem ?

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