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Whenever I compile and run a program in root, after I found that memory gets decrease very fast in C drive of my computer where the root setup is installed. Also huge amount of storage gets decrease in GBs.

Initially my c drive capacity was 128 gb after I installed the root, and now it is contract to 60 gb itself. Also I don’t run any big programs on root. Then how can I prevent my storage.

It looks like you are talking about disk space used by ROOT on windows ( “C drive”). I am installing ROOT from sources on my Mac. The sources themselves take 1,34GB and the binaries 35.7mb. That’s far from the numbers you announce here. As it seems to be on windows @bellenot may have an idea.

How did you install ROOT? Which version? Debug or Release? What do you run when you see the memory and disk issues?
FYI, ROOT v6.22/06 Debug (biggest binary distribution) takes 971 MB on disk and root.exe takes something like 30 MB of memory

My pc works on windows 10, so that I download oracle virtual box and install ubuntu OS in that after that I install root_v6.22.06.source.tar.gz file through terminal. After that every things goes good.
But after two weeks I realized that my C drive of windows filling fastly. Within 2 days I found that 1GB storage decrease and so on in few days now my c drive has 60 GB left.