Component extraction in RooFFTConvPdf


Is there any method extracting components which are convoluted by RooFFTConvPdf?

I used RooFFTConvPdf to convolute a Gaussian pdf with Breit-Wigner pdf and I want to see each fit component but I don’t know how to do.

I tried like this:

... RooBreitWigner bw("bw", "bw", x, bwmean, bwwidth); ... RooGaussian gauss("gauss", "gauss", x, gmean, gsigma); ... RooFFTConvPdf signal("signal", "signal", x, bw, gauss); signal.fitTo(data, Extended()); ... signal.plotOn(frame); signal.plotOn(frame, Components("bw"), LineStyle(kDashed)); ...

I expected that it shows fitted Breit-Wigner component with dashed line but it shows convoluted one. (Solid line and dashed line shows same shape)

How can I plot fitted components in convoluted pdf?


The plotOn option Components() only applies to p.d.f.s that represent a summation
(RooAddPdf and RooRealSumPdf). If you wish to extract a p.d.f that was an ingredient to a RooFFTConvPdf from that object and you know its name you can use the generic introspection interface to retrieve a pointer to it

RooArgSet* comps = signal.getComponents() ;
RooAbsPdf* bw = comps->find(“bw”) ;


Thank you in advance!