Complex number imaginary

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I am unable to print sqrt(-1) i.e Imaginary number i.
So please help

sqrt takes a real number as input, not a complex one.

My problem is how to print imaginary number [i]
using root.

I am unable to print i in root. So please help me.

Have you looked at the Complex class ?

Yes I did

But not get anything relevant to my doubt

Any ways thank you so much for replying me, this platform is new for me.

You need to use Complex::Sqrt


I got that but what is the 1st value i.e, 1.369e-16

Hi @chaos,

That is real and imaginary part of your result.
1.3692e-16 means 1.3692 x 10^{-16}. Which is basicaly 0.

But due to some computational approximations is written as a very small number


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Thank you so much @FoxWise, for solving my doubt.