Comment on new reference guide

Hello, since you have introduced the new reference guide I have some troubles. Here my main comments:

  • inherited methods are hidden, and not searcheable. Before with a control+F it was very easy to find any method, now I have to try to guess which super class is defining the method I am interested in (before there was a nice switch to hide the inherited methods)
  • there is no more mention of the library where the methods are linked to
  • there is a lot of unuseful information, as where the methods are referenced
  • style comment: narrow margins (as before) make the page more readable
  • some documentation is missing, compare … alue:frame

with … 17481311e4

there is no more description of the options (Range, Bins, …)

Thanks for your comments.

The inherited methods are present. And much better classified than before. Also the inherited members. The style is different but there is any lost information. Have you tried the search box ? it is much better that the one we had with THTML.

The documentation is still under development and some doxygen tuning might be required. We should check on the way to do this.

That’s your point of view. Somme people like it.

What do you mean ? you want the margin more narrow ? we had requests to make them wider…

We are working on it … it takes time.

I agree completely with the original comments. The old style was great: clean, searchable, and easy to read.

IMO the Doxygen defaults are not very good. Why not style it to look like the old one?

Furthermore, please list the methods alphabetically. If I wanted to see the order they are in the header, I’ll just look at the header.

I agree with wiso and whit2333.

Again … that is still under progress… that a huge work… all the classes need to be edited one by one …
we take your comments into account

Defaults can always be changed. We now focus on the content to make sure all the classes are in the new format. I am now working also on the integration of all the tutorials (in ROOTSYS/tutorials), with automatic creation of the pictures, code, output etc … . With that we will get for free the cross reference between Classes doc and tutorials. This require development of specials doxygen filters because one want to see the macro code documented and also being able to execute the macro. Doxygen is not THTML, so some differences will show. It offers much more. Changing completely the documentation system is not something one can do in an eye blink … Once we will have polish the conversation we will be able to take more avantages of what Doxygen offers. The inclusion of Tutorials is one.

May be, even if I think it is well known, I should make some clarification here. Until now the Ref Guide was in the Html format. THtml is a ROOT class developed in the early days of ROOT. At that time the automatic documentation systems where not as mature as they are now. At that time doxygen was not existing, or may be just at its beginning. Now the picture has changed completely. Doxygen is the reference in that area and it is not anymore a good idea to develop our own documentation system. Like we do not develop anymore our own code management system: we use git…

They are … … #-o

Just one example of the gain we have using Doyen. Compare: … :ResizePad

with: … 54300a02e0

Math is quite important in ROOT isn’t ? :slight_smile: being able to produce proper math is mandatory …

I can give more examples … but I have some doc to translate in doxygen … :slight_smile: