Combined raster+vector postscript


I have a TGraph with ~100,000 points that I’m plotting with Draw(“AP”).
On top of this, I’m drawing some contours from a separate TH2 object.

My problem is, when I save the canvas as a .eps file and look at it, all of the 100,000 points are individually drawn, and this takes a long time. I could get around this by using a raster format, but I don’t want to lose the vector quality of the rest of the lines and things in the diagram.

It should be possible to encapsulate a raster image into a .eps? Can root do this? Or is there another, more clever, way to do this?

Are you sure that, if you do the whole picture in raster mode, you are losing that much in quality ? have you tried the gif or png formats ? If you need an high number of pixels you can make a large TCanvas.

Well, it’s for a publication, so “that much” is actually quite small.

I think I’ve found an acceptable solution by making separate canvases for the raster and vector pieces and combining them using Inkscape.

If the size of the file is an issue try to use PDF instead of PS. It will not help for the generation time.