Colz color scale above statistics box


I noticed that depending on the order of operations I can end up with the colz color scale above the statistics box.

Example :

TCanvas c TH2F h2("h2", "h2", 100, 0, 99, 100, 0, 99); TPaveText tpt(0.79, 0.6, 0.95, 0.7, "NDC") h2.Draw("colz") tpt.Draw() h2.Fill(50, 50) c.Modified()

See the attachment for the result. The statistics box is below the scale, whereas the tpavetext is above. To be noted that in my application I see sometimes the tpavetext under the scale as well.

Is it the expected behaviour ? shouldn’t the scale always be at the level of the plot ? How can I force this ?

Thank you for your help

The simplest would be to move the stats a bit on left I guess.

Yes, I can do that. But I think that it is a bug that the scale is above the statistics. Don’t you think ?


I am not sure yet why it does that. Seems to be linked with the fact you are filling the histogram after having drawn it.