Coding conventions: invalid option in suggested .astylerc file

As per the subject, the suggested configuration file does not work in astyle v2.04.

The problem is the

option, which is not supported anymore and if I understand correctly is integrated in

Except you are already using stroustrup style so I don’t really know what’s the right thing to do :smiley:


I’m bumping this because with the new website’s layout the .astylerc file became impossible to copy-paste, besides having an obsolete option.

Then again, I have been told that the whole coding convention page is outdated and will be re-engineered.

In the new web site, it seems this page is not available… we will check

Hi Enrico,

I think the page
has always been visible in the “Developers” tab.
I renovated it, including the astyle section. We are discussing what to do with the preferred formatting tool: astyle is great and served as well - on the other hand more modern tools are around like for example clang-format. We’ll keep you posted.


Hi Danilo,
just a (useless, if you are going to make the switch to clang-format soon) thing: the “brackets=linux” option is not present in astyle 2.04 and subsequent versions (as per my first post).


Hi Enrico,

I added a comment to the option.
As for the notifications, you can open your control panel and go to “board preferences” -> “edit notification options” for the settings.



Please note that the attached clang-format configuration is close to what we need. One issue is that due to a missing feature it does not apply ‘nicely’ to header files.

clang-format.txt (2.89 KB)