Class index search broken

Dear Root team,

I found that the class index search bar of the root class index has changed its behavior. Until some months ago the search for e.g. “TH1” initiated a google search and returned amongst the first few results the corresponding documentation Now the google search results are different and the site is not within the results anymore. This makes a quick jump from class to class impossible. Is there a new way I haven’t found out about yet? If not, why is this and can you change it back?

Best regards and hoping for a quick solution,

If you go there only the first version (ROOT 6) behaves as you would like. All the others return different results and the TH1 top page is not often the 1st one. I am not sure why it is like that. Some Google Internal ? … It looks like going to the google home page is quite efficient to find TH1.

I think it is not a matter of google, it is a matter of the search string that is given to google when the class index search field is used. If I enter TH1 and hit enter the search string in google is:


This is probably automatically passed to google by the root website. I tried the Root6 search and it works fine:


The difference seems to be the “htmldoc” instead of the “html526”. Whatever the reason may be, I guess it must be a simple fix to just pass the right string to google. As it is at the moment, for everybody who uses an older root version (and I guess that’s about 90 % of the users) the search field is broken, which makes everything very complicaed. Is it possible to change that and make it work for all versions?

5.24 gives … gws_rd=ssl

6.00 gives … gws_rd=ssl

6.00 is now the default for the html doc html600 == htmldoc

yes, and this does not contain the link to the TH1 documentation for 5.24. That’s a broken functionality. I believe this should be fixed, otherwise the search bar is useless.

I asked the person who set up this google search. Here is his answer:

Ok, that’s bad news. Thanks for asking anyway! I guess I will have to use the Root6 documentation then and hope there weren’t too many changes.


Actually, you can get the documentation for many ROOT versions.
The idea is quite simple.
If the “current” ROOT documentation uses a web link like:
then you can simply “transform” this link into a “ROOT X.YZ” version specific link using:
so, for “ROOT 5.24” you simply need:

Yes thanks, but that’s not my point. My point is that the search bar on the top right only works for the newest version. I don’t know how the rest of the users navigates through the documentation, but certainly not by clicking their way through the inheritance trees. I want to simply put “TH1” in the search field, hit enter and get the desired page as one of the first google search results. But this does not work, so I will have to use the documentation that does not fit my old version #-o