Clarification request: getVal(nset) and getNorm(nset)

How do I use getVal(nset) and getNorm(nset) to read/generate normalized values from a model pdf?

I know from other forum messages and google that getVal(0) is unnormalized but can’t find any examples that show its proper use.

Currently getVal(0) is working and I can find the peaks I’m looking for, but I need to find the multiplier.

Does “nset” refer to the model or the data or the results of Minuit?

Double_t gnorm = gauss.getNorm(RooArgSet( ??? )); // simple case

Is there a tutorial example?


Bravo CERN !

Hi Dave,

The proper way is to pass a RooArgSet with the variables that should be interpreted as observables. There is a tutorial example:


(as of ROOT 5.21/02. This particular macro will also work with earlier versions of ROOT)