Circular binning

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I would like to learn if there is any possibility to make any plot with circular bins instead of square.
You can look at the histogram as an example.

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You can try the the option “COL POL

Or use a TH2Poly

Example of 'circular bins" with a TH2Poly.

Thanks for your interest.
Maybe it’s better if I tell my aim. So I want to make histogram with circular bin (colpol is useful but too divided!) so that I can compare the each circle and their density and also let’s say for the second circle I would like to divide same area as for the first circle. I hope I am clear enough :worried:

You define “how much it is divided”… COL POL simply uses the number of bins you have in your histogram.

Exactly! But I don’t want these lines in histogram. Let’s think like this-> First remove lines then I have just circles right ? Then I would like to divide the second circle into 3 so that I can have same area as the first circle! What’s your opinion now ?

And third circle is divided by 5 so on! Then I will have same area all over the histogram.

  1. Right now it is not possible to remove these lines
  2. As I said the circles’ divisions follow the regular binning of a normal TH2. If you want a special binning you should use TH2Poly. It was invented for that.

I will try to figure out then. Thanks a lot!

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