Circle on TH2F

Hi, is there a way to draw a circle on a graph to delimit the area where there is a number of points? for example, for example a circle to delimit the area where there is the 70% of particles in a TH2F where on x-axis there is the x position of particles and y axis the x position.

Hi, to draw a circle, see TEllipse class. However, you will have to compute by yourself the parameters of the ellipse (center and radius).

Hi pamputt and thanks…I knew the ellipse class, but I hoped there where a way to auto set the center and radius looking for the number of events! But by your reply I think that it isn’t possible

Your question is more than just drawing a circle.
Finding the area where there is 70% of the particles would need a bit of programming on you side any-way

Hi cuet thanks…yes…it is not just a simple circle…