CINT code for crossplatform support


i want to use CINT for both windows and linux in QT.

i downloaded CINT source code from , Source package for all platforms (2MB) (with bash configure script for most of the platforms)

when i added this code in QT i get so many errors saying file not found. i am fixing it by entering the path in .pro file. but there are few issues am not able to resolve

1> cwchar.h no such file or directory
in this code i dont see any cwchar.h file instead there is one file in path cint-5.16.19\include\cwchar FILE but not sure if it is looking for same file

2> some errors in file cint-5.16.19\include_iostream saying ostream in namespace std doesnot name a type
after including #include and using namespace std it is giving another error #include nested too deeply

can you please help me fix these issues ?
have i downloaded proper code for CINT crossplatform ?
kindly reply ASAP


does this help ?