Changing the X Axis range in an infinite loop (data stream) does not work!

Hi everyone,

I have a program that pulls some data from a stream every few seconds and feeds them into a histogram ,like this:

TCanvas *canv = new TCanvas("canv","",0,0,500,200);
TH2F *hist = new TH2F("hist","",10,xmin,xmax,100,ymin,ymax);
//xmin, xmax are some numbers to start with 
//ymin, ymax are minimum and maximum possible y bounds.

//here's an infinite loop

while (1)

//calls a process that feeds data to a file
//waits for 10 seconds while data being poured in to that file
sleep (10)

//X axis is time so, the first value from the file is the minimum hence changes the axis range using:
//let's say the the time is fed to the arry Time[i] and they are in seconds, then I am doing:

//printing the array shows there's no problem with the data, that is time here

//then filling here

hist->Fill(Time[i],Y[i]);        // where Y[i] is the y variable


But I see that the X axis range doesn’t change ! So in a few seconds I am out of the range and hence empty canvas ! How can I have a moving axis ?

On which platform are you running your code ?

Scientific Linux SL Release 5.4 (Boron)
Root version: 5.27/02

can you try

hist->Fill(Time[i],Y[i]);        // where Y[i] is the y variable

Thanks a lot for replying, but this does not work.

But redefining the histogram at the beginning works which is nasty because there’s “potential memory leak” involved of course, that’s why I will not keep doing this.

What do you expect to happen with the “old bins”? Should they be forgotten?

Then you’re not looking for a histogram but for a histogram visualization of a queue - showing the N newest data points; is that correct?

What you could do is use a TGraph, replacing always the oldest point by the newest data - and then updating the drawing of that graph. What do you think?


Thanks for your reply and sorry for not being clear enough. Ok, here’s what I want:

N number of data points will arrive in every M seconds and I would like to display there time behavior as in real-time display of some kind using ROOT’s TCanvas. Right now I am using TH2Fs but eventually I would also like to display TProfiles etc. I want that those M points always remain at any given point in the canvas, hence the time axis (X axis) must update every N seconds.

Any other fancy/ugly way of achieving that is most welcome. Right now I am redefining TH2Fs in every loop leading to potential memory leaks, that I would certainly like to avoid.

Thanks a lot.

PS: @Axel: how do I feed that TH2F to a TGraph and achieve what you are suggesting as achievable ?

O I see - you don’t want the data points to walk through your plot - you want an updated plot every M seconds, displaying a new chunk of N data points.

Well, in that case using new histograms for each snapshot should be just fine. Make sure to delete it at the end of the round.

Or call hist->Reset() between the chunks; that empties the histogram. Afterwards you can update the axis through GetXaxis()->Set(nbins, min, max) to reflect the new range, you fill it, and then you draw it.

If that doesn’t work for you I’ll post a complete script tomorrow.


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