Changing position of the y-axis exponent


I was wondering if it is possible to move the 10^? factor of the y-axis that appears when the axis value gets too large? The reason is not only cosmetic as I want to merge the horiontal axis with the above pad as suggested here:

so I need to move everything above the histogram.

Oh, and yes, I am aware of the TAxis::SetNoExponent, but I would rather keep the exponent, although only for cosmetic reason.



No it is not possible right now.

Now implemented in 5.34 and trunck

  • New static function to change the position of the "power of 10"
    near the axis. A static function is used instead of data members
    in TAxis in order to keep the TAxis class small. Adding two
    floating point numbers in that class (in fact in TAttAxis) would
    have a none negligible effect on the Root files’ sizes as there is
    at least two axis per histogram and that there is often 1000th
    histograms in a single file.
    So we choose to follow the same mechanism as for the SetMaxDigits
    static method. The new function is: SetExponentOffset.
   TGaxis::SetExponentOffset(-0.01, 0.01, "y"); // X and Y offset for Y axis
   TGaxis::SetExponentOffset(-0.05, 0.01, "x"); // Y and Y offset for X axis