Changing phi range in a polar lego plot?


does anyone know how to change the phi range from the standard 2PI to PI/2 (only the first quadrant).
Now a polar plot devides the 2PI range into the number of bins you defined in TH2F, but for my analysis I would like to plot 42 sectors in the first quadrant…

Cheers, Jan Heyninck

Changing the histogram range (the bins you want to see) should work.

That’s the thing that I did for so far: changing the nr of bins from 42 to 168 and filling only the first 42. But then he still plots the whole circle.
And if I type TH2F plot = new TH2F(“plot”,"",42,0.,3.14159/2., 18.,0.,18.), he devides the 2PI range of the polar phi-parameter into 42 sectors.
So xmin ->0 and xmax->2PI.
Entries are filled relatively…


Yes, you are right. I just tried it does not work. It was that way in PAW that why I thought it was the same in ROOT. May be it is not implemented in ROOT. I have to check.