Changing Frame filling color


in a macro, I would like to access to the frame filling color and change it. I tried the following:


const Int_t nfile=8 ;
TH1D* hetot[nfile] ;

TCanvas* c3 = new TCanvas(“c3”, "Total Energy in detector ", 1100, 900) ;
c3->SetFillColor(0) ;
c3->Divide(4,2) ;

for(Int_t ifile=0;ifile<nfile;ifile++) {

hetot[ifile]= new TH1D(“Total Energy”,titlehisto[ifile],ebin,
emin,emax[ifile]) ;

hetot[ifile]->SetFillColor(0) ;
(c3->cd(ifile+1))->SetFillColor(0) ;

gPad->SetLogy() ;

[color=red]hetot[ifile]->Draw() ;
(c3->cd(ifile+1))->Update() ;
TFrame tfr= (TFrame)(c3->cd(ifile+1))->FindObject(“TFrame”);
tfr->SetFillColor(0) ;
tfr->Draw() ;[/color]

[color=darkblue]TPaveStats st=(TPaveStats)hetot[ifile]->FindObject(“stats”) ;
st->SetX1NDC(0.32) ;
st->SetX2NDC(0.61) ;
st->SetY1NDC(0.80) ;
st->SetY2NDC(1.0) ;
hetot[ifile]->Draw() ;

} // End of loop


Unfortunately the frame color in each subcanvas remained at the same value (=19).

How can I do to set it at another value ?

Thanks for your help

(Sorry I put this message twice in the “My ROOT APPLICATIONS” section , now I think it is OK ) :blush: