Change TObjString name

Dear experts,
I’m trying to change the name of a TObjString after it was created:

  • Just by doing this is not working:
    fTObjString->Write("foobar", TObject::kOverwrite);
    meaning, by assigning a name during the Writing process
  • I’ve also tried this:
TObjString* tmp = (TObjString*)fTObjString->Clone("foobar");
delete fTObjString;
fTObjString = tmp;
fTObjString->Write("foobar", TObject::kOverwrite); 

but none of the mentioned solutions works.
The object dumped on disk still has the name assigned by default, which is 0

Can you please suggest a workaround?

ROOT Version: 6.24.6
Platform: CENTOS7
Compiler: c++ (GCC) 10.2.1

Reading the doc it seems that SetString might be what you are looking for.

that’s the TString content, not the Object name.
They are two different things

I know, but TObjString does not inherits from TNamed. And look at the GetName method here: ROOT: core/base/inc/TObjString.h Source File
It returns fString

so, if I use SetString I do set the name of the object and the string content,
which should be two different things.

The other strange thing is that when I save the object in the root file I get the right content and the right name displayed on the TBrowser:

But when I read the root file with TBrowser and I Dump the content the TStringObject has the name = “1”, not the one displayed in the TBrowser

I don’t know if I was clear.

There are two mysteries:

  • the Object name and TString content should be handled differently, they are not the same thing
  • the TBrowser somehow seems to read things properly, but if I Dump() the content of the object the TString content and the Object name are the same, and equal to “1”

As it seems related to IO and TBrowser, may be @pcanal and @bellenot may have an idea about it.

do you guys have any news on this subject?

I’ll take a look, but not before Thursday or Friday. But I think the browser get the name from the TKey, not from TObjString

Hi @bellenot , ok many thanks.

Let me make just one further comment: if it is as you say, how can I copy a TObjString from a TFile to another TFile and have the name appear on the TBrowser?
Right now I’m using this code:

TObject* newO = key->ReadObj();
delete newO;

Many thanks again.

Since it’s I/O, maybe @pcanal can give more details

I get this from the TFile in which I copied the TObjString.
To be compared with what I posted at the beginning which comes from the original TFile

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 10.54.51 AM

Dear All,
I solved the problem by doing this:

TObject* newO = key->ReadObj();
newO->Write(key->GetName(), TObject::kOverwrite);
delete newO;