Change title and scale of TPaletteAxis from TBrowser

I am using the command tree->Draw(“e1:e2:e3”, “”, “colz”) to get a 3D plot of my variable “e3”. The color scale looks like this:

First, I would like to remove the “x10^-6” at the top, and if you look carefully, the title appears near the -2 tick. I can make it appear in my canvas if I reduce the width of the color scale. The problem is that I need to change that title, but I can´t find any option in the TBrowser.

Thank you!

tree->Draw(“e1:e2:e3”, “”, “colz”)

That works! Now I can directly see the title of the z axis (color scale). However, I am more interested in changing that title, but I can’t find anything in the options. Also, how can I remove the “x10^-6” at the top?

tree->Draw(“e1:e2:e3”, “”, “colz”)

That works! Thank you!

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