Change the scale on Y-axis


I am plotting a data file using the TGraph class. The values in y-axis are very small (10^-10) and the scale of this axis that ROOT show me uses values x 10^-9, from 0.2x10^-9 up 1.4 x 10^-9, but I would like to change this scale in order to show the scale with values between 2 x10^-10 and 14x10^-10.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


have you tried log scale ?

also see :


Thanks for your reply…

I prefer to keep the linear scale due to the kind of data I am plotting.

I tried the others options like SetRange() or SetRangeUser() but it doesn’t work, the scale continues the same: value x 10^-9.


May be you can try to use: TGaxis::SetMaxDigits(…);

I suspect that you need to first change the Limits with TAxis::SetLimits then you will be able to use SetRangeUser.