Change the attribute of histogram?

Hello all,

I have a root file with histograms whose attribute is set to Marker style.
For few of them, I want to change the Marker style to a simple line style.
This is what I a, doing :
(if ‘hfull’ is the pointer to the histogram I want to change then)

hfull->SetLineColor(4); hfull->SetFillColor(4); gStyle->SetHistLineStyle(1); gPad->UseCurrentStyle(); gROOT->ForceStyle();

But its not changing the attribute of my histogram.
Could somebody please point me out my mistake?

Thanks for any help,
Best Regards,

Try to modify the attributes using the Histogram Editor ( Menu View/Editor form the canvas menu bar). When you are happy with the image, save it in the .C file.
Look at the C++ generated code to see what was modified.
This is the best way to learn the objects’ attributes.