Change size of left tab in a TEveBrowser programatically

Is there any way to set the size of the left tab in a TEveBrowser, (which inherits from TRootBrowser) ? I have an Eve based program with a lot of controls in the left tab and it would be nice to be able to size the tab to fit its contents. The user can do this by grabbing the divider between left and right tabs and moving it but it would be preferable if it was right to start with when the program starts up.

@matevz can help you with this question I am sure …

I managed to answer it myself by poking around in the code of tgvsplitter. This is the solution:

TGFrame* f= (TGFrame*) (gEve->GetBrowser()->GetTabLeft()->GetParent());
( (TGCompositeFrame *) f->GetParent())->Layout();
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