Change legend font size using gStyle

Hi, ROOTers!

Is there the possibility to change the TLegend font size using TStyle member functions?


You can change the font but not the size.

Very pity :frowning:


But you can change it on the Legend object directly. (See doc)

Dear Couet

Of course I know that -> SetTextSize()
But It would be more rational to have the possibility to tune all aspects of appearance using TStyle.
However it is my own opinion.

Also I found another shortcoming - can’t change the font size in statistics box using TStyle. Function SetStatFontSize() affects only title :frowning:



If I understand correctly, this is because the legend text size is calculated from the legend size, and the inverse is not (yet?) available. That’s related to - again, that’s if I understand correctly: Olivier is the authority here!

Cheers, Axel.

Dear Axel

Thank you for useful information.
Hope this issue will be solved in the next ROOT version.


Two different things here.

  1. The Jira report describe a improvement we need to do in order to improve the text size settings.
  2. defo900 is asking to promote some TLegend native settings to TStyle.

I am looking at point 2) now. Which, a priori, should be easy.

SetLegendTextSize() is now implement in ROOT 6

I do not see that. For me it changes all the stats text sizes.

Dear Couet

Thanks a lot!

All the best!