Change in axis label offset with log scale

I have noticed that a given axis label offset value is interpreted differently when the axis is in log scale. Attached are images of the same plot with linear and logarithmic axes, and guides shown to indicate the different positions of the axis labels.

There must be some line in TGaxis which causes the change, but I don’t know where it is. If anyone can tell me what extra factor is applied in the log-scale case, I would appreciate it.

Yes … I see there is a little difference. Due to the exponent I guess.
It should be checked.
I made a bug report here:

Thanks for posting a bug report.

I think the change is not just due to the exponent… TLatex should align the labels correctly whether or not they have an exponent. In the image I attached, the distance from the axis to the start of the label text is larger in the log-scale cases, even accounting for the exponent.

To me, it looks like some multiple of the fLabelOffset value is used in the log-scale cases.