Change Default Style of TMVA Plotting

Greetings ROOT Developers,

I’m currently facing a challenge while trying to customize the appearance of TMVA’s plotted graphs. My environment consists of ‘’'ROOT version 6.26.00 on macOS 12.1. Specifically, I’m aiming to modify the way TMVA generates its plots by default (the gStyle).

However, I’m encountering difficulties. When I navigate to Edit->Style within the TMVA GUI and attempt to change the style, all variables end up being plotted in the same color. Additionally, every time I run the TMVA GUI, the plots revert to a default style as defined in a .h file in the source directory.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to achieve the desired customization. I have a .root file that I load using the command TMVA::TMVAGui("TMVA_Combinatorial.root"); in the ROOT prompt.

Please bear in mind that I’m quite new to the ROOT environment, so any assistance or suggestions would be immensely valuable.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

Hi @ruimig; maybe @moneta can help here.


The TMVA style used in the GUI is defined in this file,

You should be able to modify it as you wish. If you have same specific questions about the graphic style, @couet should be able to help you


Thank you for your response. However I’ve noticed something : while this file is present in the regular x64 versions of ROOT, it appears to be missing in versions designed for an ARM architecture on MacOs (which does not even have the regular TMVA folder in the ROOT source directory). Can anyone provide insights into this issue?