Capturing *.gif output from mlp->Train(ntrain, "tex

Hello roottalkers,

I would like to capture the animated output from

void mlpPEN(Int_t ntrain=100) { …
mlp->Train(ntrain, “text,graph,update=10”);
command (see MultiLayerPerceptron example in tutorials.)
The screen is updated for every 10 epochs, so I ideally
I would likwe to save 10 updates in “gifsicle” or animate file.
I don’t see any option in Train() function to save the graphs?
Is this possible with the simple command(s)?

                                            Regards, Emil

With the last ROOT release it is possible to generated animated gif files. See the example $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hsumanim.C
root -b hsumanim.C
to run it.