Canvas -> View -> Toolbar in command line

Hello, does anyone know how to set the toolbar as default in a canvas? Cheers.

I guess gStyle->ToggleToolBar(1) should make it

You can set it in the local .rootrc file as follows:Canvas.ShowToolBar: true or you can switch it On/Off by using the following command in a macro or enter it in the CINT prompt:canvas->ToggleToolBar()If you are not familiar with .rootrc file you may see the ROOT User’s Guide at (“Environment Setup” - page 20, “File system.rootrc” - page 439).

Cheers, Ilka

void boselector::Begin(TTree * fChain)
TString option = GetOption();


error: no matching function for call to ‘TStyle::ToggleToolBar(int)’

Cheers for the try, doesn’t take much for me to set it in the GUI anyway.

antcheva - I did not see your post before. That works perfectly, thankyou.