Canvas to TeX: no markers, no transparency

Here are 2 files:

  • c.pdf (20.5 KB) a canvas saved as PDF file
  • tex.pdf (20.3 KB) a canvas saved to TeX file and then included into a \documentclass{standalone} document.

As it can be seen, in the second case there are no markers and transparency. Why?

P.S. I use ROOT 6.14/00 on Ubuntu 18.04.

Could you provide a small macro reproducing the problem ?
Transparency is not available for TikZ output but the markers should be there.

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@couet I believe @berserker is pointing out that the doc should be updated, mentioning that TikZ (aka TeX output as the doc currently calls it) does in fact not support transparency.

Or the code… (Post must be at least 20 characters.)

Yes TAttFill description was not correct. All the other TAtt* and TColor are fine. Now fixed. Still the marker issue would need some reproducer to be understood.

To be complete, it seems that TiKz allows to play with “opacity” for filled polygon. The ROOT backend uses it. But for line, text and marker it seems it does not… as far as I can see on the web.

That’s the reason why TeX was mentioned in TAttFill only … I made it clear now …


\begin{tikzpicture}[line width=1ex]
    \draw[blue, opacity=0.5] (0,0) -- (3,1);
    \draw[red,  opacity=0.5] (0,1) -- (3,0);


I forgot to \usepgflibrary{plotmarks}.

Ok I will see how to upgrade.
What about text ?

    \node[blue, opacity=0.5] {$123$};
    \node[red,  opacity=0.5] {$456$};


Thanks for your input. The transparency macro here produces the attached TeX file. As you see the structure is a bit different from what you just exposed. I will see how to do it.

transparency.txt (10.2 KB)

What do you mean?

\draw [anchor=base west,] (2.77937,3.55301) node[scale=4.0092, color=c, opacity=0.476, rotate=26]{This text is transparent};

makes the text transparent.

Transparency is now implemented for line, text and marker in the TeX output.