Can't get axes titles in TF1

Hello, I used the commands in my macro

f2->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("Ep (eV)");

but I don’t get the titles…

lorfun.cpp (4.7 KB)

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The first plot is f1. You should set the tite on f1.


Hi couet, I modified

lorfun.cpp (4.7 KB)

but I still don’t get the title

lorfun.cpp (4.7 KB)

Thank you @couet it works…I see that you just used
f1->SetTitle without the GetXaxis…but why did it work for you (You attached the pic) and not for me?

Before you did:

f1->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("x title")
f1->SetTitle(); // this erase the X tile

… you can set the 3 titles in one go:

f1->SetTitle("title ; x title ; y title");

Thank you!

good work

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