Can't find the error in filling the tree

Hi Rooters,

In this program
example.C (445 Bytes)
I’m making some tries in order to store an array of Float_t in a TTree and then save the tree in a TFile; this array must have variable size, as in the real situation i don’t know how big is the array a priori.

So I uniformly fill an array and then store ii via the command


Doing this way, the interpeter gives me a Segmentation Violation message.
I looked at the macro located at $ROOTSYS/tutorials/tree/tree3.C and i think I followed it properly.

I hope to have explained myself

Thanks in advance


prova.C (464 Bytes)

Hi, thanks for the reply

I made a little change in your file (just added ‘const’ before Int_t) and now seems to work properly

Thank you very much for your help


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